An Unfinished Symphony in Stitch



Royal School of Needlework: RSN Embroidery Studio
An Unfinished Symphony in Stitch

Hand Embroidery:
Mixed media on linen

Dimensions: 53 x 53 cm
Price: £11,250

Artist Statement

Celebrating 150 years of the Royal School of Needlework the Studio Team have created this iconic embroidery entitled An Unfinished Symphony in Stitch. Worked in true RSN style with a number of different embroiderers taking turns to add to the design supporting the adage that ‘Never a seat shall go cold’, this embroidery is stitched on a background of linen with threads from the Studio’s archive of materials, ensuring nothing is wasted and instead reused and repurposed. This stunning contemporary twist on a traditional Jacobean design was inspired by items in the RSN’s extensive design archive. With instantly recognisable motifs this piece has been brought to life with areas of meticulous embroidery balanced with areas left deliberately without thread.