Aurora Borealis – The Heavens are Dancing



Anita Harrison
Aurora Borealis – The Heavens are Dancing

Hand Embroidery:
Hand dyed wool thread on canvas

Dimensions: 33.5 x 31 cm
Price: £1,850

Artist Statement

Anita graduated from the Royal School of Needlework where she attended the Future Tutor Programme during which she learnt all forms of traditional hand embroidery to the highest standard.

For this piece Anita was inspired by photos of the Aurora Borealis’ magical light display with its colourful ever changing swirls of light.  She has combined her love of colour with her love of Canvas work by using vibrant hand-dyed wool threads worked in Bargello stitch to emulate the shapes and swirls of this natural phenomenon.  The colourful swirls of stitches against the blend of dark coloured threads worked in a triangular pattern echo the tree top skyline often seen against the Aurora Borealis phenomenon. 

She has NOT included the delivery fee in the price quoted, although she can discuss with any buyer the collection and delivery options that are available including meeting me at the gallery on the collection day.