Kate Pankhurst

Hand Embroidery:
Metalwork on silk, mounted in an alarm clock frame

Dimensions: 11.5 x 16.5 x 5.5 cm
Price: £220 sold

Artist Statement

Kate Pankhurst works in hand embroidery using a variety of traditional techniques with a contemporary spin. Some work combines different techniques such as silk shading and metalwork, boxmaking with stumpwork; and in the award-winning piece “Lockdown O’Clock”, made a movie accessible via a stitched QR code.
Inspired by city life, culture and memory, She stitches because she must. Embryo ideas pop into mind and refuse to budge until they’ve been born. She wants to make the viewer stop and look, and reward their attention with storytelling, delightful detail and humour.

“Dandalarm” continues in series from the award-winning “Lockdown O’Clock”. Metalwork embroidery in a variety of silver threads on a silk ground depicts a delicate dandelion flower ‘clock’. Uniquely mounted inside a traditional bell alarm clock, ‘Dandalarm’ marks time from analogue to seasonal.