Béatrice Beraud

Hand Embroidery:
Thread on cotton

Dimensions: 32 x 32 cm
Price: £1,500

Artist Statement

Béatrice Beraud is a French textile artist living in Paris.

She works embroidery on fabric, photography, paper, clothes and canvas.

A lot of her inspiration comes from her relationship with her son. Everyday life, global events also resonate in her creation. She discovered embroidery 6 years ago.

Embroidering brings her serenity, it’s a space that helps her channel her emotions… She likes to embroider surrounded by her family but also alone. She can embroider for a whole weekend and sometimes she has trouble not embroidering, She misses it.

She likes to do, throw and come back to embroidery that she doesn’t like enough.

Embroidery is a way to denounce actions or highlight messages.

She just needs a thread and a needle.

The price does not include the delivery fee.