Exquise d’ete



Stephanie Bonneau
Exquise d’ete

Hand Embroidery:
Hand embroidery and drawing on fabric.

Dimensions: 43.5 x 53.5 cm
Price: £3,210

Artist Statement

Stephanie Bonneau is a textile artist based in Cheshire. She incorporates two of her passions in her work: fine drawing and delicate embroidery. She found inspiration in nature and architecture, specially art nouveau. She loves mixing Goldwork and Tambour beading.

She wants to pursue her artwork with 3D elements and pencil drawing and explore more unique pieces

She shares her time between developing her art forms, private commissions and teaching.

In this embroidery, she wanted to mixed hand drawn colour pencils on fabric with embroidery techniques including 3D elements, Goldwork and Beading. Materials include 2% gold thread, 90% silver thread, glass beads and crystals stones and beads.

The delivery fee is not included in the price.