Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Essential Information
  2. Submitting artwork
  3. Pricing artwork and VAT
  4. Delivery, Collection, Sale of artwork

Essential Information

When is The Broderers’ Exhibition: The Art of Embroidery?

25 February – 2 March, 2025

Where will the Broderers’ Exhibition take place?

Bankside Gallery, London SE1 9JH

Who can enter?

  • Any artists over the age of 18, who are resident in the UK may submit work.
  • Artists who are resident outside the UK are also welcome to submit work. You have a responsibility to register and account for UK VAT with H.M. Revenue & Customs. Artists without a UK residence (known as ‘NETPs’ – non-established taxable persons) can find further details on ‘NETP’ status and how to register for VAT at Please note: the registration process can take up to 4 weeks.

What is the entry process?

  • When the registration is open, pay the Entry Fee. You will receive an confirmation email with your unique Submission Number. Keep the Submission Number safe as you will need it to fill out the entry forms. There are two forms: Artist Registration Form and Artwork Submission Form.
  • Fill out the Artist Registration Form.
  • When the submission window opens, submit your work by uploading two images per work (the entire work without frame and a close-up with details) with your Artwork Submission Form. You can submit up to 4 pieces of artwork. Detailed instructions will be sent to you by email.
  • The deadline is 31st August 2024.
  • The selected artists will be notified in October 2024.

Who is selecting the artwork to be exhibited?

  • The selection panel is formed of members of The Broderers’ Company and such other persons as the Exhibition Administrator selects.
  • Selectors’ decisions are final and we are unable to offer feedback.

Is there anything I need to know before entering?

  • All artists must read the Terms and Conditions and confirm that they and their work are eligible for entry.
  • Any artist or work that does not comply with the Conditions will be removed from the exhibition.

How do I register?

You can register online using the following link.

Submitting artwork

How many pieces of artwork can I submit?

You can submit a maximum of 4 pieces of artwork.

Do I have to enter hand-embroidered artwork?

Works must show strong evidence of high standard embroidery, but both Hand Embroidery and Machine Embroidery are accepted.

My artwork is 3D. Can I submit?

You can submit your 3D artwork as long as it is framed with mirror plates for wall hanging. Please make sure the frame is robust enough to withstand mirror plating. Due to the limited exhibition space, we cannot accept free standing sculptures.

I would like to submit a large piece. Do I have to pay more?

Exhibition space is limited. Therefore, the size limits are in place. For the standard size, both sides must be 60 cm or under. A large piece can be submitted with an entry fee of £50. For the large size, one side can be over 60cm but no side must not exceed 152 cm.

Do I have to submit my artwork immediately after I pay the entry fee?

No, you don’t have to. There are two types of Entry Form – Artist Registration Form and Artwork Submission Form. Please submit Artist Registration Form as soon as you receive your unique Submission Number. Please submit Artwork Submission Form only when the submission window is open. The Broderers’ Exhibition 2025 submission window: 1st May – 31st August 2024

Can I enter a collaboration?

Yes. On the Artist Registration Form you will need to provide one prime contact.

Can I use a pseudonym?

Yes. On the Artist Registration Form you can provide your pseudonym. Please note that you will use your full billing name when you purchase the Entry Form.

Can I enter polyptychs as one work?

Yes. When uploading the image, please make sure it is the entirety of the work. On the Artwork Submission Form, the dimensions of the entire work should be stated. Please remember the size limits are in place. Diptych, triptych or polyptych must be clearly labelled, (e.g.1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.) at the point of delivery.

What type of image can I upload?

  • Please upload 2 images per work: the entire artwork without frame and a close-up with details.
  • Please upload the images in JPG format. Each image must not exceed 5MB.

Can I wait to frame my work until I find out it has been selected?

Yes, you can. When you fill in the Artwork Submission Form, please estimate the dimensions including the frame. Remember your work must not exceed 60cm x 60cm when framed.

I paid the entry fee for 4 pieces of artwork, but I decided to submit only 3 pieces in the end. Can I get a refund?

No. The entry fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. Please understand this fee contributes to the running of this exhibition.

Pricing artwork and VAT

How do I price my artwork?

Consider the materials you’ve used and the time you’ve spent. Take into consideration hidden costs, such as framing, transportation, insurance, etc. Remember to include our commission of 32% plus VAT.

I am a UK resident and not VAT registered. Do I still need to include VAT in the price?

If you are not registered, you do not need to include VAT in the full price but you must add it to our commission. The VAT rate is 20%, so our commission would be 32% plus VAT, which makes 38.4% of the total price.

Do I need to register for a VAT number?

If you live in the UK, you don’t need to register for a VAT number unless your earnings exceed the threshold as outlined by HM Revenue & Customs. If you live outside the UK, it is your responsibility to register for a UK VAT number.

I live outside the UK. Can I register for a UK VAT number after my work is selected?

Yes, you can wait to find out if your artwork is selected, and then you register for a UK VAT number. Remember to allow enough time as registering for UK VAT number takes about 4 weeks.

Delivery, Collection, Sale of artwork

I cannot deliver my work in person. What should I do?

You can ask a friend or your representative to deliver your work, but it must be unpacked. Packaging from delivered works cannot be retained and must be taken away at the point of delivery. If you cannot deliver your work in person, you should use a professional art courier so long as the works are unwrapped before they are handed over to us.

How do I collect the exhibited works from the gallery?

The collection day will be at the end of the last day of the exhibition and the following morning for those who cannot make it on the last day. We will inform you regarding the time slots by email. Please follow the instructions.

How do I find out if my work has sold?

If your work sells, we will email you to let you know shortly after it occurs.

Can I ask the purchaser to collect my work from the gallery?

On the collection day, the artists or their representatives need to collect the exhibited work whether sold or unsold. You could ask the purchaser to meet you at the gallery on the collection day after you collect your work. Otherwise you could set the sale price inclusive of delivery in the UK/Worldwide, or you could charge the delivery fee in addition to the sale price. The arrangement is up to you and your purchaser. The delivery of the sold works to the purchasers is the responsibility of the artists.

Do I need to inform the Worshipful Company of Broderers if I sell my work after the exhibition has closed?

Yes, please see our Terms and Conditions. If a prospective buyer contacts us after the close of the exhibition, we will let you know.