Elisabeth Rutt

Hand Embroidery:
Hand embroidery, surface darning and paint on artist’s original dry felted fabric

Dimensions: 46cm diameter circle
Price: £1,500 sold

Artist Statement

inhale/exhale focuses on breath, the breath of individuals and the planet, and the impact of a microscopic virus on our world. 

Stylised, painted lungs appear within a circular format as if they were continents on a satellite image of the Earth. Bronchioles are reminiscent of tree roots, rivers, roads, and communication networks, with the stitched patterns inside the lungs indicating pneumonia caused by the circulating virus. Words from the new Covid vocabulary are stitched with a deliberately light touch in a ‘corona’ around the edge.

Elisabeth Rutt is a freelance textile artist and tutor working from her home studio in Suffolk. 

Delivery is not included and would be in negotiation with the artist depending on the destination.