Isobel’s Mask



Jennifer Donovan
Isobel’s Mask

Hand Embroidery:
Gold and silver threads, Swarovski crystals, silk thread on linen

Dimensions: 44 x 54 cm
Price: £8,750

Artist Statement

Isobel’s Mask  is inspired by Venetian masks, a tradition that began in the 13th century. Often elaborately decorated, the masks were intended to conceal the wearer’s identity at masked balls where the lower and upper classes would mix. The mask has been embroidered on both sides, the velvet lining encompassing further stitched details. Fully hand embroidered, this piece took approximately 400 hours from design to completion. Materials used include silk and metal threads, beads, silk ribbon, sequins and Swarovski crystals.

Designed and created under the tutelage of Jenny Adin-Christie.

In memory of Isobel.