Listen to your Gut: Microbiome



Jan Knibbs
Listen to your Gut: Microbiome

Machine and Hand Embroidery:
Goldwork, beadwork, hand embroidery

Dimensions: 27 x 27 cm
Price: £1,200

Artist Statement

Jan Knibbs is a textile artist specialising in Embroidery. She obtained a degree in Textiles/Fashion from Loughborough College of Art in 1979 and an MA from Bath Spa in 2009. She combines many hand and machine embroidery techniques to create a rich textural effect and uses her skills to create framed pieces, textile jewellery, upcycled bridal wear and wearable art. Favourite subject matters include nature and the changing seasons but she has recently started to explore the inner body and illnesses that have affected her and her family. She has won the Embroidery category in the British Bridal Awards and been awarded the Swarovski Prize and come second twice in the prestigious Hand and Lock Prize for Embroidery.

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