Magic Mushroom, Fractals and Hallucination



Julia van den Bosch
Magic Mushroom, Fractals and Hallucination

Hand Embroidery:
Silk threads and velvets on linen

Dimensions: 54 x 44 cm
Price: £475

Artist Statement

Julia’s source of inspiration is concentrated on different forms of plant life, seeking to convey and share her fascination of each new discovery. Her aim in this work is to try to portray the essence of magic mushrooms, hallucination and fractals working in harmony together.
Fractals are common visions for people who are in a hallucinatory state when using psychedelic mushrooms.
According to some scientific research ‘investigations into fractal geometry coupled with the use of magic mushrooms challenge our former understanding of life, consciousness and evolution. They hold the key to designing highly efficient, less environmentally harmful systems and structures by mimicking the base code of nature itself.’
Alchemy in its true sense and at its most magical.