Magnetic World



Elnaz Yazdani
Magnetic World

Hand Embroidery:
Contemporary goldwork, couching and beading techniques using rubber, glass, sequins, pipe, latex, crystal beads, nails, bolts on wool

Dimensions: 54 x 76 cm
Price: £2,000

Artist Statement

Elnaz Yazdani is an embroidery artist known for using alternative materials in conjunction with traditional embroidery techniques. She creates art that captivates and encourages audiences to get lost in a novel world, attracting people with what embroidery has to offer. Alongside her practice she teaches embroidery across West Yorkshire and online. Elnaz is inspired by industrial materials and the ways in which she can embellish, connect or transform these items through stitch.

In 2020 Elnaz was commended in The Embroiderers’ Guild Beryl Dean Award for Teaching Excellence in Embroidery and Design, and she was selected as the 18-30 years old Embroidery Scholar by the Embroiderers’ Guild.

Instagram: @elnazyazdani

The price remains £2000 including delivery if based in UK. If Overseas delivery is not included in this price.