Somewhere Else



Maria Wigley
Somewhere Else

Machine and Hand Embroidery:
Silk, thread and water colour

Dimensions: 52 x 42.5 cm
Price: £350 sold

Artist Statement

As an artist I investigate ways of combining embroidery with other creative disciplines such as drawing, painting and printmaking.

Within my artworks I mainly use natural diaphanous fabrics. These form the basis of a layering process, an essential part of the construct, much like the layering of conversations and stories over time. The stitched writings are often my own thoughts, combined with my interpretations of the world. My secrets that I keep to myself and only divulge through the sewing machine and needle. I am captivated by calligraphy, and asemic writing. I love the fluid nature of the written characters and how they appear to dance and flow, morphing into abstract landscapes, something I endeavour to capture within my embroidery. 

The sale price does not include postage. The postage fee will be calculated in accordance to where it will be posted. Alternatively, the buyer is welcome to meet me at the Gallery on Sunday 27th at 5pm to pick the work up.