Sunday Morning Flowers Will She Like Them?



Ailish Henderson
Sunday Morning Flowers Will She Like Them?

Hand Embroidery:
Embroidered collage on antique cloth, set on Irish linen on box canvas

Dimensions: 31 x 31 cm
Price: £3,000

Artist Statement

Ailish classes herself as a research based practitioner within the arts.  Within her current body of work, she quietly questions the impact events experienced have on our narrative line.  Strong memories built in childhood may only come to light decades later, where they take on new meaning and can finally be understood.  Sunday Morning Flowers Will She Like Them?  is a key example of this being visually vocalized. Her practice researches the connection between Emotional Repair x Making – It is her belief founded on evidence based investigations that across creative disciplines, there can be a form of restoration for the author of works, brought about via the act of making, not the outcome itself – Maker: Mended.

As a practitioner, Ailish spends her time serving as Editor in Chief for the website Mr X Stitch, as well as producing a luxury range of printed textiles, available for fashion and interiors.  She has exhibited in several different countries, including Rome in 2021, having previously had a solo exhibition in London in 2019.

Delivery fee: £20.00