The Gift of My Motherland



Sona Sahakyan
The Gift of My Motherland

Hand Embroidery:
Cotton threads, wool, foil, beads, sequin waste, book paper, denim, leather, sweet wrappers on calico

Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
Price: £1,500

Artist Statement

Love is one of the strongest feelings experienced by a person. Comprehending love, a person learns strength and passion, finds inspiration and peace, feels protection and confidence. For some it is a feeling of harmony, infinite happiness, for others it is pain and suffering, but in everyone’s heart this feeling is inextricably linked with the first experience of the phenomenon of love – stepfather’s home, parental kindness, family and national history. 

As the endless cycle of life draws a circle, so my love for the land of my ancestors, their traditions, culture and images of art has no end, it gives peace – like the shadow of an orchard; it is saturated with the colors of life in which every color is a page of history; it is personified by the symbol of fertility – a juicy pomegranate heart, capable of quenching intense thirst, nourish the desire to live, create, feel, sing about your love and give it. 

My love is fiercely crystal and intangible, ephemeral, it is like a subtle, alluring and sweet fragrance of a pomegranate flower, drops a tear – only a keen eye can see it, only the heart can feel it.

The price does not include delivery, so this will be negotiated directly with the buyer.