The Unseen II



Anja von Kalinowski
The Unseen II

Hand Embroidery:
Stranded Cotton, Silk, Gold leaf & Oil on Mahogany

Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 6 cm
Price: £5,000

Artist Statement

Anja von Kalinowski is a painter and embroiderer based in London. 

Unseen II is based on the artist’s perception of a 19th century psychiatric photograph. Photography can provide a powerful metaphor in its ability to evoke a double moment of historical awareness, of being both in the present and in the past. Science and religion, as languages of power, stand as references for the iconography of psychiatric photography and the devotional art of the Baroque period with its elaborate ornamentation and ability to create emotional proximity with the viewer of von Kalinowski’s work. This notion, as well as the specific languages of science and religion, is displaced by a translation into multi-facetted and small-scale objects.

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