This Is Art



Niamh Wimperis
This Is Art

Hand Embroidery:
Embroidery thread on acrylic painted canvas

Dimensions: 55 x 65 cm
Price: £10,000

Artist Statement

This Is Art is a commentary on how embroidery has been historically overlooked and seen as less than. Womens work. 

The statement is painstakingly hand stitched directly onto a “factory painting” from China, sold in furniture shops for people who wanted art on their wall that they didn’t have to think about. 

And so the statement works in two ways, both the painting and the embroidery are art, even if neither have been seen as such. 

The embroidery blends in with the background, perfectly hidden in some places. So embroidery has existed throughout history. Disregarded and unseen but always there. 

Niamh Wimperis MA is a self-taught embroidery artist. Currently living in London, Niamh creates kits to teach others the art of embroidery.