Wind God (Thunder God & Wind God 2)



Hisae Abe
Wind God (Thunder God & Wind God 2)

Hand Embroidery:
Silk fabric for a kimono, real Japanese gold thread, rough purl, pearl purl, silk thread, hand dyed washi paper, newspapaer, lacquer wrapped thread

Dimensions: 52 x 50.5 cm
Price: £1,410 sold

Artist Statement

Hisae Abe graduated with a BA Hons degree in Hand Embroidery from the Royal School of Needlework in 2020. 

She explores different materials and combines them with hand embroidery and other elements. She is very particular about using materials which are made with traditional craftsmanship, displaying a deep appreciation of her Japanese heritage. She communicates with the materials and interprets the image with various materials and hand embroidery techniques.

In her work, Sumie, which is an East Asian type of ink and wash painting, is often used as a starting point to capture the image. That is why her work has fluidity and spontaneity and is sometimes sensitive and dynamic.

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